Sit and stitch.

Poor little Boy2, he “has a coss” – after a long night of croupy barking, he seemed improved this morning, but by morning tea time, he was getting quite unwell, so I popped a movie on, and with the house in a reasonable state, I grabbed my little embroidery, sat with his feet in my lap, and got stitching.


With Butterfly in bed for a nap, I settled back down, rubbing his leg, but one quick look at his face told me all I needed to know. This was beyond “resting”, he needed a sleep. At his request, I popped him in our bed and wandered back into the kitchen. Tidy. I looked in the laundry, and tempted as I was to walk away, I hung the basket of washing then dawdled through the house, and realised nothing needed my immediate attention. I hit play on the media player, the sounds of Downton Abbey filled the studio, and I finished the second foundation for my swap dolls quilt, and got them both joined together.

Then I realised it was craft group night. Could I push on and get the top finished, ready to quilt tonight? But no, it was pick up time, and so I started the afternoon shift, and then settled down with my embroidery again at craft group. And glad I am that I did. Such a calm, soothing craft. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Snip. Repeat. Perfect to plod along with while being able to keep up with the conversation.

{late night post just squeeking in to qualify for Blogtoberfest Day 24. Close call!}

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