stage one.

It seemed simple enough. A list was made, and printed. The bags were packed. And then like most plans in this journey called motherhood, fate in the form of sick children intervened. My day went from seeing friends and visiting that blue Swedish behemoth, to sitting on the lounge cuddling a small girl drifting in and out of sleep.

Which, really, isn’t too rough of a way to pass the day. But it also meant no cutting table for this Little Dove. After input from some really helpful girls, I’d actually gone back, rethought my aims and goals for what I was hoping to achieve with the addition of a cutting table, and actually, in the end, decided on the smallest table of the lot – one that I’d all but written off when pondering my options.

And, truth be told, it was bugging the loving daylights out of me. I’d made my decision and I was happy with it and I JUST WANTED IT RIGHT NOW GOSH DARN IT! So I wrangled a trip to Bunnings after church, dragging a delighted reluctant husband along, and scouted options. Apparently what I had in mind wouldn’t work, so he and the boys organised themselves, trundled off in search of supplies, and two hours later, I had a table.

It still needs painting. And we are going to attach a small shelf underneath, where the legs supports attach to the table, to store my mat and rulers. But it’s in and done and working delightfully. Perfect. Stage two of mastering the studio is my custom built storage cabinet, being delivered tomorrow ready for painting. Stage three is creating an area for my husband and his hobbies, and stage four, is ripping up the carpet and painting the floor boards.

Today is a public holiday, so the males of the household are putting on their engineers hats and standing around staring at pegs and string lines, supposedly working towards a cubby house. I’m madly cutting hats for the Solomon Sewing September Hat Sew-a-long (what do you mean it isn’t September?), and working on my Vintage Modern BOM blocks. I can see there will be need of my expertise in this cubby building caper, of the drinking-coffee-and-eating-cake-in-the-sun-while-“supervising” variety. Hello long weekend, good of you to come and play.

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