It’s Tuesday. The realisation of this way quickly followed by a second coffee and an “oh crumbs” kind of moment, when I also realised Tuesday = I Blog on Tuesdays over at Diary of a SAHM. Which left me in a quandary of what to blog. There’s a Ménage Monday entry sitting in my drafts for this week. But bad fiction doesn’t really fit for a mummy blog linky (or given the success of THAT book, maybe it does. Except my bad fiction doesn’t contain naughty bits).

There’s the gardening we’ve been doing in the sunshine. But I’m not really a gardening blogger.

There’s the biscuits we baked this morning. But I’m too lazy to get the camera and photograph them and organise a proper Twenty Treats post.

Yesterday’s crafting. Same issues with camera and laziness.

Finishing something new? Well if I’m too lazy to photograph something, I’m definitely too lazy to actually DO something to photograph.

In the end, I decided, to stop overthinking it. It’s holidays. It’s spring time. Time to take the advice of the quote featured in the illumination I’m working on at the minute.


Who am I to argue? Today, I’m taking a day off from being a craft blogger. Today I’m being a lazy-read-a-book-with-fresh-biscuits-while-the-little-ones-sleep-and-the-big-one-draws kind of blogger. And that, my friends, is quite possibly the best kind of blogger to be.


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