…story time sampler update…

Making, it would seem, begets making. My Story Time Sampler continues to be my handwork project of choice for the school hours, and after so long with no progress, I have managed to finish another two blocks over the last couple of weeks, bringing me up to date, month wise, to the end of September.

Following on from my Lady Shallot finish two weeks ago, I almost immediately started Phantom of the Opera. It was a reasonably quick block to stitch up,if we ignore the fact I started the dress for Christine one stitch too close to the Phantom. Whoops! In the end, I decided to make her one stitch plumper, save unpicking the whole darn thing. It only affected one stitch of hair so I figured the effort to unpick wasn’t really worth the hassle, and now it’s done, I’m glad I didn’t bother.

I was at swimming the Friday afternoon of the long weekend when I finished the Phantom, with still plenty of time to kill, so I started straight away on Black Beauty, and had the sky well underway by the time I left, and it and the sun done by the time I was ready to call it a night that evening.

Then, with the long weekend ahead of me, I intended to focus on getting it done so I could start October fresh with the October block, and maybe even make a start on the frames. I must confess, it was this I had in mind when I suggested we include “a WIP milestone” as part of our challenge requirements. Of course, in the way of best laid plans of mice and men, I didn’t end up quite making it in time, though I had it finished within a day or two afterwards.

Today, I have Anne of Green Gables in my sights to get started on. I want to finish tomorrow’s blog post and get it scheduled. There’s 3 days of 31 minutes layouts to catch up on, and photos to print. With daylight savings here, I’m hoping to get another dozen or so grapevines in the ground before dinner, and start working on training the larger ones already established in the vineyard. Camp gifts are waiting to be designed and made sooner rather than later, and I am determined I won’t be sewing until the last minute this year. Famous last words, I’m sure. We’re nearly done with school for the day and then the afternoon is mine to do as I please. After I finish scrubbing the oven door that I started in a fit of productivity this morning. Adulting. So glamorous. Happy Monday friends!

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