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…sunday snippets…

…sunday snippets…

It’s been an interesting week around here. There’s been back up podcast recording after last weeks attempt was an absolute fail. Revisiting old projects and shenanigans. Sorting my storage. Board games. Secret squirrel making. A few new projects in the wind. Our weekend has been a mixed bag too – yard work and housework and tractor rides and books and craft and work. I’m due to submit my first round of materials for a Crafty Monkies class by tomorrow morning and the nerves of that are not helping at all, so lots of bouncing around getting that done and looking for distractions.

Around here I’ve been

READING: Parting The Veil (Paulette Kennedy) – a gothic romance/drama with just the right amount of creep send a delicious chill up my spine but not so much it gave me nightmares… it’s a fine balance!

WATCHING: Three Summers. I stayed up late last night crocheting and found this on Netflix. It’s a corker little Aussie flick, plenty of laughs but some meaty stuff as well. And who can resist Micheal Caton as a Grumpy Old Codger?

LISTENING TO: My Kind Of You on Audible. I’m only 3 chapters in, but it’s a nice ways listen while I’m pottering about the house or doing some crochet.

STARTING: nothing? Is it possible I’ve gone a whole week without starting something new? Dear goodness I must be ill…

FINISHING: the main body of my waffle blanket! The last colour is due to go on tonight ready to start the border this week

PLANNING: a party dress! We have a wedding to go to next month and I ordered some fabric on Friday to make my dress from. Look for a blog post on that tomorrow!

Also! On Friday, our fourth podcast dropped yesterday, chatting about the importance of a daily creative habit. We would love you to join us around our virtual craft table for a chat; you can find us on most major platforms as well as our website

This coming week should have been a whirlwind of camp prep and packing, but obviously that isn’t an option so I’m throwing myself into lots of making and chatting and distraction therapy. First though, I’m settling in for a lazy evening of reading and crochet and maybe a cheeky gin and pretending that the world out there isn’t a mess and we are coming up to the TWO YEAR mark since I’ve seen some of my faves.

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