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…sunday snippets…

…sunday snippets…

Another week done, and a super fast weekend full of crafty shenanigans was just what I needed after juggling sick boys all week. Full wrap up coming tomorrow!

This week I have been:

READING: The Rose Code – Kate Quinn. Grabbed this one on BorrowBox during the week while I was trapped under a sick boy, and finished it this arvo. I have long been fascinated with the code breakers of Bletchley Park, and this was such a fun read of the behind the scenes.

WATCHING: Fires on ABC iView. I caught up the last couple of eps over the weekend, and am now down to the final couple as they are released. Not going to lie, it’s been hard going at times, with the accuracy of the production, but overall its sensitively done, and is beautifully acted and shot. Even when it’s hard, I think these are important stories to tell.

LISTENING TO: what else but our Camp Covid playlist on Spotify! I’m not sure if the other girls ended up listening to it, but even if they didn’t, just having it playing away in the background helped me feel connected to them.

STARTING: swimmers! I have all the pieces of my planned set prepped ready to cut and start sewing, and not a moment too soon, with a whole lot of summery weather predicted for this week

FINISHING: my waffle colour block! Such an exciting milestone. I didn’t manage much else this week, but that is one thing I did finish.

PLANNING: another week of school. It’s the final push through to the end of the year and we are busy wrapping up the year’s lessons.

On the podcast, this week we chatted quilt camp, where it started, what we do now, and why it’s so important to us to get our annual getaway.

This week it’s all about focusing on school. Starting to film my Crafty Monkies insta photo class. Cutting fabrics and sneaking sewing time. Not to mention all the chores I should have been doing this weekend while I pretending to be at camp.

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