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…sunday snippets…

…sunday snippets…

What. A. WEEK. Like a lot of plans in the last 18 months, everything changed on a dime last Sunday night, and has been in flux ever since. There’s been a whole lot of doom scrolling. Mr15 had a couple of days off work unwell – thankfully just the garden variety unwell and not the plague variety unwell. I celebrated my birthday, complete with a wonderful cake by Mr13, featuring a sewing machine and quilt-in-progress. We’re one week into Micro NaNoWriMo, and I’ve written over 3000 words, AND finished my short story ready for editing. I’ve art journaled and sewed, but mainly have been focussing on my Wizard of Oz stitch along.

It’s also been a big week of zooms and chats. My bible study is still over zoom, due to the current restrictions. I somehow sculled enough coffee to make myself both coherent and presentable for a 7am instagram live chatting all about my upcoming instagram photo skills class.I had a hot minute to drop the teen to work and then home to jump on another zoom to record next weeks podcast episode.

Around here this week, I’ve been:

READING: Deeper Water. I’m about halfway through, but reading has taken a bit of a back seat to the aforementioned doom scrolling, but I am hoping to get it finished off this week.

WATCHING: the weather app. The rain has really just settled in, and it’s supposed to be wet all week, so we’ve been keeping a close eye on it. The timing couldn’t be any more perfect, having managed to get a good amount planted in the veggie garden yesterday, and the house paddock and vineyard slashed this afternoon racing against the storm clouds rolling in.

LISTENING TO: the mixmaster – the children have been baking all afternoon, with a banana cake and a mulberry cake just out of the oven and smelling amazing.

STARTING: construction of that fancy party dress. I’ve gotten the bodice together, and am now on hiatus until I can get a turn at the table again.

FINISHING: The cross-stitch part of my Wizard of Oz! So excited to be done with that… and less excited for the billion different colour changes that come with all the back stitch. The back stitch is very much my least favourite part!

PLANNING: my December Daily papers. I’ve finished stage one – gelli prints – and have photographed and edited them into printable files. This week’s job is to work out what else I need to create a full collection, and get cracking on those so I am fully prepped and ready to go on for the first Sunday in Advent, which is only three weeks away (how is that even possible?)

On the podcast, we’ve been chatting about the joy of creative partnerships and how our partnership forms a key part of our creative process. I’ve been working hard at getting my Crafty Monkies class prepped and filmed – it goes live on December 4th, and bookings are now open. Book in direct on the Crafty Monkies site here. Have a fabulous week friends, and stay safe out there.

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