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…sunday snippets…

…sunday snippets…

it’s been a reasonably crafty week, this one. Our school wrap up continues apace, though we paused for Remembrance Day lessons on Thursday. We also snuck in an hour or so of mulberry picking, with a huge haul ready for jam making. In crafty adventures, I’ve been jumping from stitching to journaling to watercolours to spending the weekend sewing costumes. I’ve only known about them for a month, and the photos that I’m due to take this week for almost as long. Somewhere along the line though, my brain failed to connect the two until Mr15 reminded me Friday afternoon that the costumes would be needed for this week. It’s now 4.30pm Sunday, my back aches from sewing weekend, but I’m just about done. Just two lots of buttons, one velcro closure, and a headband, and they are done.

My November mini goals are in full swing – I’ve been art journaling and bible journaling and making journal fodder. I’m also up to date with my micro nanowrinmo goals. The only thing I haven’t touched yet is the quilt I am hoping to make progress on. It’s buried in the back of the storage container so I’ll need to sweet talk the mister for some help to get it out this week. In other adventures around here this week, I have been:

READING: The Iron Necklace. I only started this Friday night. but it seems to hold a lot of promise. I’d steered away from war stories for a while after they seemed to be all I was reading, but this one sounds like it could be interesting so I thought I would revisit the genre.

WATCHING: the Punky Brewster reboot on Stan. I punched out four episodes last night while cross-stitching, and it is exactly the nostalgic balm for a harried millennial should juts taking it one pandemic day at a time. So many cute call backs to the original, Freddy Prinze Jr as the ex Mr Punky, and a emotional storyline. I am HERE for it.

LISTENING TO: Jagged Little Pill. Apparently I’m on a nostalgia kick. “You Oughta Know” came up on a spotify playlist during the weekend and I did the responsible parent bit and flicked it to the next song before the rather explicit bits. Yesterday, however, I found myself in an empty house, giving me the perfect opportunity to throw it on, crank it up, and belt out some vintage Alanis karaoke.

STARTING: to plan Advent activities. How the heck is the first Sunday in Advent only TWO WEEKS AWAY?? 2020 was approximately 300 years long, but 2021 seems to have been about 3 weeks long. Time is a strange, strange beast.

FINISHING: All the cross stitches – both Alice, and my latest Deck The Halls vignette. I’m on a roll and considering my next move.

PLANNING: A super fun Christmas mini-swap with Car. I have a heap of ideas so this week’s job is to run through the list and work out where to start.

On the podcast, we’ve been chatting about trying new things. There may have been a small challenge involved that I’ve completely failed. My photo skills boost class is only 3 weeks away – it goes live on December 4th, and bookings are now open. Book in direct on the Crafty Monkies site here.

This week I have my second vaccination, so I’m not sure exactly how much I’ll get done. I also have three photo shoots scheduled, those costumes to finish, along with my party dress, and my swimmers. The silly season is coming, and along with it, a crazy to-do list and an overly optimistic idea of what I can achieve in a single day. What is November if not fitting far too many goals into far too short a month? Have a great week!

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