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…sunday snippets…

…sunday snippets…

What. A. Week. It’s been go go go for the first week of summer school, and man, am I behind on allllll the things. On top of running the children around to end of year parties and drama recitals, I’ve had my first Crafty Monkies class, and wrapped up season one of the podcast. Just to really spice up an already busy week, we had a day of being flooded in, but thankfully having known it was coming, we stocked up at the library the day before to keep the bookworms happy. I have finally gotten some parcels I’ve needed ahead of a dress-up event this week, so I’ve spent my Sunday with the Bathurst1000 streaming on my laptop as I prepped a pattern, and then got stuck into some cross-stitch. Tomorrow is a big catch up day, on all the challenges that I thought sounded optimistic but achievable, and now feel completely overwhelming!

n other fun stuff this week, I’ve been:

READING: All the Christmas books! I’ve just finished Murder at Melrose Court, and am about to hit up the Prime Reading section on my kindle to find my next option. any sugguestions?

WATCHING: Bathurst!! I don’t follow a lot of the V8 Supercars, but The Great Race is a non-negotiable around here. It’s been a ripper day cheering on the Holdens and riffing on my Ford loving mates.

LISTENING TO: Christmas songs, of course! Pentatonix is my go-to, with Jewel mixed in when I feel like a change.

STARTING: All the outfits! I need to start and finish a dress this week, then onto the children’s Christmas Day outfits – and hopefully some work on my swimmers as well.

FINISHING: the Christmas shopping! I have never been so organised!

PLANNING: to catch up this week! Bible journaling, art journaling, December Daily, gnomes…literally all the things!

On the podcast, we’ve wrapped up a fabulous first season. There’s so much I want to say on that, and on my Crafty Monkies class, so look for some wrap up posts this week. This week, I am planning a big one, in between running the teen to town.for work. School is on a low-key summer program, so that’s buying me some time to catch up. First thing I need to catch up on though, is SLEEP. It was 2am before I wound down enough to go to bed, and today me is very much unimpressed with last night me!. Have a fabulous week, friends, there’s lots of good stuff coming down the pipeline!

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