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…sunday snippets…

…sunday snippets…

What a week. I feel like I start every Sunday post like that lately. Thankfully, it’s the downhill un to Christmas now – this was our final weekend of crazy busy, next weekend we have a chill weekend at home, and then it’s Christmas weekend! I’ve been out photographing a wedding, the rest of the family disappeared to the coast, and then this afternoon we wound down and spent a lazy afternoon all together watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. The first half of the week was taken up with prepping for the two big boy’s drama performance, for which guests were requested to dress up, so I’ve been madly sewing my dress for that – look for a blog post later in the week. We’ve celebrated St Nicholas Day in the traditional way – shoes out, jammies and treats and games delivered, and a yummy cooked breakfast as well. We’ve played board games, we’ve watched Bathurst, we’ve crafted ourselves silly. I’ve made some Christmas themed undies, and hit the glitter vinyl with my cricut in a big way. I’ve also been busy making a new Christmas banner for church with my cricut. I’ve sent Christmas cards. I’ve screamed at the stinkin’ cat for breaking one of my handmade bowls.It’s just the usual chaos that one can expect two weeks out from Christmas, really!

n other fun stuff this week, I’ve been:

READING: towards my Christmas challenge!! I started book three, but within ten pages, it was annoying me. it read more like a dodgy early 00s fan fic than an actual book, so I returned it to prime, and instead hit up borrow box, and started “The Christmas Party”, plus borrowed “A Very Murderous Christmas” anthology

WATCHING: And Just Like That. I reactivated my binge subscription and everything. Two episodes in, I’m not entirely sure what I think of it, especially after that ending to episode one!!

LISTENING TO: my Spotify wrapped playlist, heavily influenced, it seems, by my children. Next year’s resolution – keep them off my Spotify and contained to their own!

STARTING: Christmas outfits!! Planning on making some solid progress this week,

FINISHING: my flapper dress for the 1920s dress up at the kids final drama performance. What fun it was!! Most people ended up dressing up, and it was an absolute blast!

PLANNING: on rolling with the punches. I’m so far behind on everything, and each day that I say I am going to catch up, I end up further behind. What will be, will be, this week!

The podcast is on hiatus, and I have no class filming to do. I don’t even know what to do with all this free time! Maybe catch up on the three hundred Christmas themed projects I signed up to? Or maybe just drink some coffee and/or wine, depending on the time of day. First job on the list is to catch up on some sleep after the last few weeks! I’m yawning just writing that sentence, so clearly it’s something I am in desperate need of!! Have a fabulous week, friends!

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