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…sunday snippets…

…sunday snippets…

How are we at the point of the FINAL Sunday Snippets for the year?? 2020 might have been three centuries long, but 2021 feels like it has been about three minutes long! Saturday Night Craft Along is now in hiatus for the year. The podcast is done and dusted until January. School is out. The days are hot and steamy, the nights not much cooler, the boom is belting out the Christmas carols on a loop, and we are head first into the brightest, most enjoyable parts of the silly season.

There’s been cackling children watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. New books and milkshakes as part of our favourite end of school tradition. Christmas baking and crafting is high on the agenda each day. We’ve celebrated the end of another year, with our homeschool group, and my bible study. 12 Days calendars got sent off, and Advent calendars arrived. I got to zoom and art with Car, and catch up on my advent art journal. The presents are wrapped and sorted into their appropriate sacks. We’ve taken out Santa photo, and a family photo for the grandparents. We wrapped up a fabulous week of festive fun last night with a picnic dinner, a walk along the lakeside, and a tour of the Christmas lights around town. Tonight, we are likely skipping our church carols service, and staying in to watch a streamed version instead. The kids are in the pool cooling down from helping get the backyard ready for Christmas, while I made our 2021 Christmas masks, and am about to make a start on the Christmas outfits.

It has been another crazy year, though I dare not wish the new year in too soon – I’ve done so for both 2020, and 2021, and look how that turned out! There’s a few days left in advent blog along, before I fully wrap up for the year. I still need to pick a 2022 word as well! Have an amazing week friends, SIX SLEEPS!

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