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…sunday snippets…

…sunday snippets…

Another week of building back towards normal! This week I have been:

Reading: Book Of Hours (Robyn Caswallader) & How I Clawed My Way To The Middle (John Wood)

Watching: birthday Lego being built, a new season of kids sport, and rainstorms rolling in

Loving: morning walks through the vineyard & front paddocks, and evening bushwalks through the back forest

Enjoying: farm fresh googy eggs from our chooks

Travelling: to the next city over for homeschool group

Growing: tomatoes and strawberries almost ready for harvest

Planning: all the things. New house. Christmas. Business goals. Personal goals.

Missing: my best girls and our annual weekend

Making: the most of a crazy year and creating Camp Covid at home

This afternoon is all about the group chat and a new book and finishing up some of my want-to-do items for the weekend. Stitching and crocheting and quite likely another coffee while I ignore the school planning I should be doing. Nice and slow and restful. Slow Sundays are the best kind of Sundays.

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