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Sunday Stash :: Teacher Gifts 2022

Sunday Stash :: Teacher Gifts 2022

Once upon a time, these last couple of weeks of school would be a flurry of activity, with my main creative energy going towards teacher gifts. Now, we are homeschoolers, but I think it’s only fair all four children give their teacher a little something, don’t you?

While the children were at a workshop last week, I made the most of being in the big smoke and hit up my favourite art shop. In conjunction with my number one enabler, we decided the children wanted to get their teacher a set of posca pens + another individual pen in a pretty colour. They also wanted to splurge and get their chauffeur a rubber brush, and their social secretary some white block printing ink. In return, I bought “them” some rubber carving blocks, mainly because they keep pinching mine!

It was such a successful trip I think I’ve just about got teacher gifts sorted for this year. I just need to get some choccies for the school nurse and a bottle of wine for the uni tutor, and we’re done with teacher gifts for another year.

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