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By Tracey & Esther, to list six things that make me happy.


1) A tiny boy, sleeping peacefully (or not) in his bed (or not). I could watch him sleep for hours, his face is the picture of innocent perfection, and fails to betray the mischief that lies just beneath the surface, awaiting the wakeful hours to be unleashed upon his poor, long-suffering mother.


2) The wonderous, bizarre, delicious sensation of a growing baby moving within me. As uncomfortable as it can be, it is delightful to see a little foot poking out the side of my belly, or watching a little bottom roll from one side to the other. I often lay in bed at night, watching the contortions of my belly, and marvel at the miracle that is procreation.


3) Being secure in the love & support of my wonderful husband. No matter what I attempt, he is behind me 110%. There are so many horror stories out there, and I feel truly blessed to have a loving, devoted husband.


4) Watching said son & said husband playing, and listening to their somewhat one-sided conversations. Perfection.


5) Creating. A child, a quilt, a painting, a scrapbook page, a memory. I love getting stuck in & making stuff.


6) The horribly scrumptious sloppy kisses of a two year old boy. Far & few between, the kisses that I am bestowed with are treasured as if they were gold. Sloppy, sticky, noisy, and beautiful.


The rules say to tag six others, but I’m going to be a rebel & not tag anyone, as most people have been tagged several times over. Feel free to spread the happiness if you haven’t yet!


“All the gold in the world cannot buy a dying man one more breath, what does that make today worth?” (I can’t remember who said this). Cherish today, make every minute count, and live life to the fullest. BE HAPPY!

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