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I’ve been eyeing them off on various blogs and Pinterest for a while now. So Tuesday afternoon, with two grumpy small children, I popped on Playschool for the grumps, and Bear and I raided the tip affectionately known as my studio. With the various bits and pieces in hand, we set ourselves up on the craft table. Bear picked the fabric and the post-it pad, I helped him glue it, and quick as a wink, two little clipboards appeared. A little bit of ribbon to pretty it up, and done.


I then had to scoot and get dinner organised, but Bear wanted to keep crafting. I cut the piece of fabric he asked for, and then left him to his own devices. He chattered away to himself, happy to be pottering and creating. Just as I was serving up dinner, a little hand tapped me on the leg. “Mummy! Close your eyes, hold out your hands!” A small parcel was placed in my hands, and then I heard the command. “OPEN!!” and the first thing I saw was a small face, beaming with pride. The second thing I saw was his own little interpretation of the clipboards. “it’s for you mummy, to write your shopping list, or make notes, or, you know, just for whatever you need to write down. It’s good to write stuff down, isn’t it mummy?”. It seems someone knows his mother’s memory too well ๐Ÿ˜‰


Adorable or what?

Today we headed out to coffee with friends, then off to the library for story time and Santa Claus. Boy2 was hesitant at first, upset that Bear was upset that he wouldn’t get to see Santa. He kept saying he didn’t want to see Santa without Bear, because “he wants to see Santa and I want to see Santa with him.”. But the promise of a lolly bag was too much, and won out over solidarity as he climbed up and told Santa he wants “three horn Lego” for Christmas (the new Lego range includes a set with a Triceratops that Boy2 has been coveting for months). A table of books for sale caught my eye as we were leaving, and aย  quick browse saw a spine jump out at me.

The Parrot’s Theorem {disclaimer – affiliate link. I receive a small commission on books purchased using this link.}

The blurb sounded alright, so I thought for $1, it was the perfect addition to my 13/13 list. There was another there, an anthology of mini-biographies of inspiring Australian women, that I’m quite keen to go back and grab too. Might put that on tomorrow’s list.

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