thankful thursday.

I pulled the mail out of the box, and squeezed. Hmm, something exciting there. Yep, addressed to me. What had I ordered? I scratched my mind as I flipped it over, and then saw the sender, and was even more excited. I’ve posted before about my pay it forward (which I’m slowly working through!), and this was my turn to receive handmade loveliness. And lovely indeed, these gorgeous Swarovski pearl and Czech crystal earrings, made by the beautiful Vanilla Rose. We first “met” online around 5 or 6 years ago, and through the wonders of technology, blogging and facebook, have become firm friends. I may or may not have been blinging out the school run ever since. Thanks so much gorgeous A xxx

In other news, a big batch of fabric shipped out today, so if you ordered some, watch your mail box! I also hit up the newsagent for more supplies, and whipped up a batch of non-business-cards. Well, a small batch, since my typewriter is now out of ribbon. Boo. But I found some on eBay. Hooray!


I’ve been busy sewing away today, and am very close to showing off a little DreamCake showcase item, which is quite exciting. Maybe tomorrow? If all goes according to plan! Otherwise it’ll have to be Monday. My Vintage Modern BOM/finishing kit/backing kit also arrived, and I can’t wait to get stuck into that. I’m BOMing along with some lovely friends, I’ll be sure to link them up as we all start getting through it. Then this afternoon has been filled with final rehearsals for Bear’s fist drama performance, and shoe and clothes shopping for small people. Suddenly we are at dinner-prep-time, and I have no idea where the day went. But my little list sheet has lots of stuff crossed off, so we’ll call it productive anyway. One day to the weekend. 6 school days until holidays. Can. Not. Wait. So looking forward to having my boy with me again. Right. Thursday’s almost done, time to prep some dinner then maybe squeeze in some drawing after bed time for my face challenge with Car. Fingers crossed. It’s on the list, so it has to happen. Right?

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