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…the camp that wasn’t…

…the camp that wasn’t…

If ever there was a year we needed the escape that is camp, it was this year, but of course, 2020 and state borders had a very different idea. I has big plans for a solid weekend of crafty fun, but like all good camp project lists, I did an excellent job of overestimating how much time I actually had, and underestimating the distractions in the way.

With rain coming in overnight on Friday and continuing most of the day Saturday, it was the perfect weekend for slobbing on the lounge, watching the kids play lego and working away on my projects. In fine camp tradition, there was far too many sugary snacks, there were cooked breakfasts and plenty of coffees, there were walks in the fresh air, there was even pizza nights and chicken schnitties and roommates that sleeptalk – and the sleeptalker wasn’t even me this year, so that’s a plus!

From my optimistic to-do list:
*Cotton yarn: soy milk treatments complete and dried. Yarn now skeined up to rest ahead of some natural dye experiments next week
*Sage Bush Top: fabric prewashed and pressed, and the pattern printed, but not cut. With the rain and everyone inside, it wasn’t practical to spread myself out too much, so the pattern will have to be this week’s job.
*Mandala blanket part 11: in progress. I managed the last half round of part 10, and then completed three rounds of the eight in part eleven. done.
*blackwork: Current week done and up to date
*stitchery: both bottom quarters completed ready to move on to the top right corner.
*lacelitober prompts didn’t get touched

It definitely wasn’t my most productive camp ever, but it also wasn’t my least productive, which, considering I had four children with cabin fever under foot, is quite an achievement in and of itself. Yesterday particularly was quite light on in the productivity stakes, between church in the morning and settling into the group chat for a virtual chin wag after lunch. We even managed our traditional group photo, camp covid style.

Today is traditionally a camp recovery day, but I’m not sure there is much recovery needed from a weekend of being a couch potato, and actually getting a reasonable amount of sleep – unheard of for a camp weekend! The children have research projects to wrap up this week, so there is a day of clay play coming up to create some dioramas. The sun is out so I need to catch up on washing and chores. There’s a webinar I want to watch for work. I’m hoping to knock out some 202020 projects. That next corner of my stitchery is demanding my attention as well. There’s a pile of carrots ready to harvest from the garden so I need to do some storage planning and prep. I hear there’s a camp after party rocking for the folks who had a life on Saturday and are instead treating today as their camp day two, so I might hide from my responsibilities and crochet and chat for a bit. We can’t completely break with tradition now, can we?

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