the CampK wrap-up

What a weekend! I left home in the semi-dark on Friday, and made the 220km trek to the regional airport in good time. I checked in my bag, hit up the kiosk for a cuppa and Facebooked my quilty girls who were also waiting in various airports. Coffee gone, I headed through security, and was somewhat concerned that 20 minutes from boarding, the runway looked a little, uh, you know, empty.

Then came the announcement. The incoming plane was delayed, and would arrive around the time we were supposed to be taking off. Great. Could have done with less information, though, like the fact the delay was due to technical difficulties. Which made for interesting Facebook conversations…

Dear announcer. Please blame the plane’s delay on the weather. It kinda freaks me out that it’s delayed for “technical issues”. Thanks. Now Nervous Flyer. (PS, husband, might wanna check my life insurance…)

So Car starts laughing at me, my husband checks my life insurance AND recruits Bear’s godfather as his wingman post-plane-of-doom-taking-his-wife. Then, karma did what she did best, and Car was CANCELLED. The incoming plane lands, we switch over, and I very nervously board. Thankfully, the Plane of Doom arrives safely in Sydney, the Melbournites and Baby of Cuteness are awaiting, and we jump in K’s car and Camp K is officially ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. Bee and Car rock in late, and it was time to get our craft on.

There was crafting, a trip to Calico & Ivy, a waterfront lunch and stop in at Material Obsession, back for more crafting, late nights, wine, laughing, dancing, singing, sleep ins, laughing, and then it was Sunday and back to the airport for the home  bound flight. Aboslutely brilliant weekend. Despite the multitude of crap supplies I took, I didn’t manage to complete half of what I’d planned. I did get well into my ripple though:

And also a bit of embroidery:

There may have been a slight craft-ban-breach… but it’s for the girl’s quilt, so I can’t get into TOO much trouble…

Plus, I also got a little swap parcel:

And I also plotted another big quilty project. What Dear Jane?

All in all, an absolutely brilliant weekend was had by all! Now, the countdown until November quilt camp is on.

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