…the man flu cometh…

It started with so much promise. A three day weekend, extended to four with a cheeky little annual leave day tacked on on Friday. The kids had been gone since Wednesday, which gave me Thursday to get through my to-do list along with a Pilates class and a lunch date with the mister. A flurry of messages late Thursday came through, begging for just one more night…which left the two of us to enjoy a bushwalk at the farm in the cool, before coming home for a lazy dinner and a movie. Friday morning dawned full of promise, the kids arrived home, we loaded the car ready for a weekend of farm camping…and three hours later we were back in town as the man flu hit.

And really, I should feel bad. But, I mean, I got a quilt finished. I finished a book. I started and finished another book. I’ve watched two movies. I’ve caught up another week on my morning stitches. I got two rows on my rainbow wave done, and am about to hook in again. As nice as it would have been at the farm, it also wasn’t a complete loss – for me, anyway! With our school roster due to start again tomorrow, my craft time is about to go downhill again, so I’m determined to make the most of today. I have a couple of projects swirling around in my mind that I want to try and nut out, so I’ll have a poke around my meager stash and see what I can work out. I probably should just finish something I have on the go instead, but where’s the fun in that?

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