the one about nothing.

It was a totally awesomesauce kind of weekend, where we got a heap done by doing not much at all. I made a gorgeous bracelet. But I can’t show you for another MONTH until it reaches it’s new home in the US and is gifted to it’s new owner. I bound a journal. But I can’t blog that because it’s a pay it forward, and the person would be able to identify themselves in the post. I signed and photographed a special painting. But I can’t show it because I want Car to see it and reads it’s story first. The boys hung with me and did some sewing. But those photos are for a guest post elsewhere, so I can’t blog that.

About the only thing I can blog, is progress on my not-a-business card. With the launch of my fabric line and precuts, I wanted something that I could easily share my contact details with, but a business card seemed a bit over the top. So when I was pulling out some bits and bobs to make a tag for the abovementioned bracelet, I came across some luggage tags. Bingo! The sole completed tag card accidently got packed before I remembered to photograph it! so you’ll have to be content with progress shots, sorry.

Today’s been super productive. Three parcels bundled up ready to go, house cleaned, stories read, babies cuddled. An hour until pickup and the girl has declared it tea party time. Mondayitis be gone, the sun is shining and the to-do list is shrinking. How’s your Monday?


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