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the week that was

the week that was

One week down already, and it’s been a hustle from start to finish. We’ve even fallen a couple of days behind on our advent activity calendar, but have managed to squeeze in plenty of fun along the way.

We’ve made watercolour Christmas trees and baked and decorated bikkies. There’s been carols rehearsals for the littlest, and a stolen moment of quiet in the car for me with a frappe and a book. We wrapped up the school year with a round of Genotype while I stitched, and ended the week busy packing for a road trip to Sydney, though one could be forgiven for thinking I was headed to quilt camp the amount of craft stuff I have packed! On our catch up list when we get home: make yarn trees, make salt dough garlands, and buy a gift for the giving tree. Those will have to wait until next week when we are home from Sydney, but thankfully things are looking slightly calmer by then!

Our Christmas movie this week was Candy Cane Lane on Prime, which was fun, and my book was Christmas By Accident, which I didn’t love I must confess.

My afternoon has been spent battling city traffic in multiple directions, and at this point I am ready to cancel my entire week’s plans and hibernate in the apartment. Something tells me the children won’t be on board with that idea though, but hopefully at the very least I can put off driving for another couple of days! Your internet friend is very much not built for this city life.

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