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the week that was

the week that was

How is it Sunday already? This past week has passed in a blur of parties and road trips and Christmas prep, and despite being on the go constantly, I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere fast! Our advent activities have been a bit hit and miss, but we’re working hard to find the magic in even the smallest slivers of time we can steal.

We’ve had homeschool parties at a friends pool that involved lots of a laughs and more than a little sunburn. There’s been wrapping marathons and gift buying for friends and mercy dashes to the post office to try and catch the last boat to Tassie. Unpacking from Sydney took a back seat to lego building. We made silhouette window art with kite paper, and the festive mojo spilled over into Miss13’s art time.

The week ahead is shaping up to be a crazy one. We are a week out from the first house guests arriving. Eight days from the jolly fat man squeezing down the chimney (must remember to leave the fireplace open). My to-do list is spirally and Mr Barefoot only has not-helpful suggestions like “maybe you don’t need to make all this stuff?”. My dude I will make it if it kills me. First on the list tomorrow though – Santa photos and milkshakes with my babies. A bit of chill time before the madness is just what we need. Happy Sunday friends, and good luck for the coming week!

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      Oh my! Your Christmas preparations sound a bit overwheming, though with a young family, I completely understand. I remember those days, and cherish the memories. As a “seasoned” adult, I miss the hustle-bustle of Christmas-time. I miss children. I miss happy conversations. Revel in what you have. Don’t take it for granted. Seasons change. One day you’ll miss it all. Merry Christmas!

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        It’s the best kind of busy, and when I feel overwhelmed with it all I do remind myself that this season is but a fleeting moment, and I will miss it when it’s gone.

        Happy Christmas to you and yours!

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