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…this is february…

…this is february…

Back in the day, I used to do a weekly post sharing an overview of my week, and also linking some of the fun things I had found floating around the internet in the past week – a wrap up post that was reasonably common among bloggers. Then blogging started dying, as everyone migrated to Instagram, and there was less blog posts to chose from and my weeks felt all very repetitive and so as I dropped off from blogging, it was one of the first posts to go.

More and more, lately, I’ve noticed people are turning back to blogging as we all get sick of the algorithms of social media. Defunct blogs are returning. New blogs are starting. And in celebration of the new wave of blogging, I am hoping to bring back a twist on the wrap up post – sharing a few links and a collage of the month that was, on the last Sunday of the month.

February was a pretty full on month – I look back today over the past four weeks, and honestly, it feels like a lifetime since we started school back the week of Australia Day. There’s been some not so pleasant stuff to process. There’s been enriching time with extended family. There’s been a whole lot of packing and moving and cleaning and tidying and moving and cleaning and….all in the name of listing our house for sale – after 15 years in the same house and having raised four kids there, we have accumulated a whole lot of “stuff”!! A couple of local retailers closed their doors this week, so we have new books that we picked up in one closing sale, and new games from another – that were supposed to be Christmas presents but whoops, look at that, they are open and being played…

Craftwise, there was a new sewing project and some EPP started. A whole heap of my stuff got packed away for storage as we prepare to move, so it’s mainly handwork in the agenda around here. My morning stitches is still a continuing project, and my crochet hexies are keeping my hands busy on nights it’s too hot to work on my wave blanket.


Things that caught my fancy this week around the web:

* this post on dealing with overwhelm by A Bookish Baker

* carving your own wooden beads for dying by Rebecca Desnos

* drybrushing in my bible is a thing I need to try after seeing this tutorial over at Illustrated Faith

*how adorable is this 3D appliqué

*theres a flash challenge with my partner in crime to sew up this fabulous tool pouch by @bookhou

What fun stuff have you found to inspire you this week?

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