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Holidays are finally here! Hooray! Lots of fun Easter stuff planned for this week. I thought I might also change up these weekly posts a bit, and start including some fun stuff I’ve found around the place, and things that have inspired me.


Like this post from AJ, which has me wanting to try it on eggs.

I’m loving maxi skirts at the minute, and really want to make one of these. Anyone got any hot tips for a great place online to buy cute knit fabric?

There’s been a bit of a post scraping and content stealing blow up this week in the quilt blog world. Alyce has a great post talking about whether to truncate blog posts or not to prevent scraping.

This bouncy ball tutorial looks like fun (and even better, I think I have everything on hand already!)

I’m keen to try the spray paint cards in this post sharing some cute ideas for making note cards.

This quote is really resonating as I gear up for a snail mail swap with some of my favourite girls (more on that after Easter) – another reason I loved the notecard post!


How’s your week been? Found anything awesome around the place I should know about?>

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