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20140425-192928.jpg20140425-192941.jpg20140425-192957.jpg20140425-193022.jpg20140425-193034.jpg20140425-193043.jpg {follow me on Instagram} Back from holidays and trying to get my head around real life. Totally not helping is the huge amount of inspiration swirling around in my head, and ideas for projects. Things that have caught my eye this week:


I’m loving the sneak peek of the May kit from Freckled Fawn that popped up in my inbox while I was away – those stamps are so cute!


Nothing gives me bloggy warm fuzzies than hearing I’ve inspired someone else – in this case. Car, who has taken my needlework essentials posts (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) as a starting point and posted her own cross-stitch posts – part one here and part two here.


After rave reviews, I have long had Eleanor & Park (affiliate link) on my to-read list, and included it in my Five From Forever books. I finally got the kick up the rear I needed this past week and now have it waiting for a chance to sit and hook in (see previous comment about real life)


I’m hooked on webseries at the minute, finding the short episodes are much more manageable than a full 30 minute/1 hour tv show. One of my current favorites, Kissing in the Rain, wrapped up series one this past week in a big ball of adorable. I highly recommend taking half an hour to “marathon” it ahead of series two starting in the next couple of weeks.


This watercolour class looks like a heap of fun – definitely on my wish list for later in the year when I have a bit of extra time.


How’s your week been? What great stuff have you seen around the internet the past couple of weeks?;

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