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I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail all week, and not getting very far, but I’ve more than made up for it this weekend with nothing more to do than hangout with good friends and make pretty things. Things I’m loving this week:

This post on creativity really resonated with me

It’s suddenly turned cold and I have hoodies on my mind – especially cute, cozy, long cowl neck hoodies. I’m thinking I might give this pattern a go (without the big buttons)

With a Frozen-inspired party dress in the pipeline for Butterfly, I pinned this hair tutorial roundup – now just to hope her hair is long enough by then!

I’ve signed up for the 100 happy days project on Instagram, I’m using the hashtag #LWD loveshappiness if you want to see what’s making me happy

I am a sucker for a cute tunic-style top in winter for layering, and inspired by these ones by Ashley at Film in The Fridge, I’m on the hunt for a pattern similar.

Speaking of new tops, I was posting on And Sew We Craft yesterday – it’s baby month, and so for my post I shared how I altered my favourite maternity top into a non-maternity top that is already heading for “favourite” status.

(goodness, I have lots of clothing links this week – I’m blaming the sudden cold snap and the rainy snuggly weather that begs for layering!)

Now the children are back at school, I’m thinking of giving this drawing challenge a go, and wondering if I can sucker someone into playing along with me…

How’s your week been? Found anything fun around the internet, or made any cool posts you think I’d enjoy?

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