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Happy mothers day! I’m having a lovely day and being very spoilt by my family. I hope you are too. Some stuff I found & enjoyed while surfing around the place this week trying to beat the post-camp blues:

I disovered Bible journalling and was so inspired I went and ordered this cutie for the children to give me for mothers day.

Which means I might just have to build myself a little travel pouch of arty goodies.

This art-on-the-road post is awesome too – maybe I need to make up a dedicated one for the camper trailer?

I’m quite envious of Alley & AJ making rainbow ripples (as much as I love mine), so I’m tempted to have a go at this granny ripple in rainbow – when my current one is done of course!

While I’m still finding my feet with mixed media, I find a good tutorial so useful, and this one really caught my eye (and no, you shouldn’t ask about the state of my Lulu Art cart, thankyouverymuch)

I adore these cute to-do list printables – I do love me a good list.

And this podcast (episode two) – about why ‘trunk books’ are a positive in a writers journey – really spoke to me with my WIP-that-I’ll-likely-never-do-anything-with demanding my attention.

How was your week? Do anything fun? Find anything awesome around the net? Have a fab Sunday and I’ll see you on Tuesday.


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