this week.






This week? It was a good one. A balanced one. A creative one.
Elsewhere, I was posting on And Sew We Craft, and made a vlog recording for posterity how epicly I fail at crocheting properly so need to make up a stitch.

I have been contemplating getting myself a 6×8″ Project Life album as a “just for me” journal, documenting my world through my eyes, things that don’t necessarily fit the family album. I’m even more tempted after reading this post – I love the idea of the cards on a Friday night (or possibly Sunday afternoon for me).

Suddenly the internet seems to be full of whispers of the Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition. I’m so bummed I missed this before the deadline, though I’m still tempted to grab a pack just to play with (the blue one is calling to me. Loudly.)

Words to remember.

This post on blogging and inspiration is fabulous.


How’s your week been? Found anything interesting around the internet?

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