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It’s been a long week, but the holidays are here!! Who has big plans?

If the amount of light in my studio wouldn’t fade everything like crazy, I’d love a desktop display like this.

The Fussy Cutters Club kicked off this week, and looks like a heap of fun. Then I found this on Pinterest and I’m pretty sure I’ll be joining in sooner rather than later.

Look at all these fabulous scrap-busting projects – definitely something I need to do!

It’s no secret I’m a sucker for salted caramel anything so these cupcakes are high on my list to bake with the small people this week.

And just a little heads up – with the children AND Mr Dove on holidays, posting might be a bit scarce. The WIP Wednesday will still run, as for anything else, well, we’ll just play it by ear. Have a fabulous week!

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