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this week on the craft table

this week on the craft table

The silly season is really ramping up, and it’s really starting to test my commitment to my plethora of festive crafty fun. I’m still here and poking along though, so let’s have a quick weekend whip around and take a look at the state of play on Advent Sunday Three!

Quiltmas: The 12 patterns have all been released now, so I’m fully in catch up mode. All twelve have been cut out, and seven sewn, with the remaining five high on my list for tomorrow.

Snow Matter What: I’m almost up to date – the latest clue is clue six, and I only have two rounds of clue five to go, which I’ve been procrastinating on since it involves stuffing!

December Daily: Completed to day 10, with days 11-14 printed and ready to go in the album today. So, almost up to date?

Art Journal Advent: next question please

Stickermas: Fully up to date! I’m finding this the easiest to keep up with, with the daily doodle only taking 5 minutes or so, and I don’t have to leave the couch or clean my craft room to do it!

Festive Write Chain: No change since last week but I am keen to revisit it this week coming.

Bible Journaling: Almost up to date – I am still missing three days from the end of our travels, but I’m slowly going back and filling those in.

Blogalong: I’m struggling with daily posts, I will confess, but I’m blogging more than I usually would, so let’s call it a semi success!! I’m hoping to play catch up more this week.

Readalong: All completed as per last weeks post

Stitching: All completed as well.

In other craftiness, I’ve finally started work on the children’s Christmas shorts, which are my focus for today. First though, there’s a stack of adulting to do, so I’m making a list, and checking it twice, wanting to be naughty* but better be nice**, cause houseguests are soon coming to towwwwwn

*playing with craft
** do the boring stuff I don’t want to do

Happy Sunday friends, I hope your list is craftier than mine!

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