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this week on the craft table

this week on the craft table

It was barely light at 5.30 this morning as I flicked the kettle on and started emptying the fridge while waiting for not one but two cups of coffee to brew – one to turn the braincells on, one for the road. The braincell cup was consumed in between hustling children from their beds, checking drawers, and packing the last of the toothbrushes in the suitcase. The dregs were drained just in time to pop it in the dishwasher, turn it on, and walk out the door. In the car not long after 6, we grabbed a quick Maccas brekkie and then pointed the car northwards for the 7.5hr drive to home and wide open spaces.

It was a busy week – city life in general is busy, and being in a small apartment without a balcony meant we were out and about quite a bit to keep the kids from going completely stir crazy. The busyness meant I didn’t do as much as I’d hoped on my Adventpalooza activities, but considering everything we packed into the week, I don’t think I’ve done too badly.

So on the eve of Advent Sunday 2, let’s do a quick whip around the list!

December Daily: all photos are taken, the album is done up to day 4, day 5 & 6 photos are ready for print as soon as Mr Barefoot can extract himself from the air con at the shops and bring home the printer paper I need. I’m planning a marathon tomorrow to get the next tranche of days done.

Art Journal Advent: yet to be started, but all the prompts are waiting patiently in my inbox – again, a tomorrow job during screen free Sunday now we are home and I have all my stuff handy.

Bible journaling: Up to date as of yesterday! Today has been so much driving and unpacking, I haven’t yet touched my craft trolley!

Quiltmas: Two blocks sewn, two blocks cut, three blocks needing printing or specialist equipment I didn’t have with me to be started, and the last downloaded this morning as I waited in the Macca’s line.

Snow Matter What knitalong: Clues one and two finished, clue three cast on and 2 rounds of thirty knitted. Maybe I’ll take it to carols tonight and get some done?

Stickermas: Up to date as of yesterday and I think another day or two will have me ready for a test print of the first half of the month’s designs.

Festive write chain: Semi up to date? I’ve written 6 days, I think, of the 12 since we started. Not great, but also it’s more words than I started the month with, and for me, that’s a plus. I do hope to catch up next week as life settles back into regular life busy, not December In Sydney busy.

Advent Blogalong: I’ve missed a couple of days, but overall, I’m keeping up with my goal to blog daily. I might try to catch up the missing posts, I might not. We shall see how the week progresses!

Advent Readalong: All done! Of all the things I’ve done this week, reading is one of the ones I’ve done the most! I had finished Christmas By Accident before I left, and started Lovelight Farms in the car on the way down- hooray for teenagers with licenses! Then when I was on a roll, kindle unlimited kept offering up suggestions and I punched out A Kilt For Christmas over a couple of nights, rapidly followed by Tis The Season For Revenge. Of course now I’m on a roll, I have a fifth book on my kindle ready to go! Let’s see how many I can end up with!

Festive Stitching: My first finish of the Advent season, I put the final stitch in my sashiko Christmas tree a couple of days ago while binging Friends in between getting the kids to bed, and convincing them to stay there. It’s turned out super cute, and I can’t wait to get a hoop that’s the right size and get it up on the wall.

Overall it’s been a busy, full, fun week. First priority now is to finish my catch up days, and then settle into a routine that gets everything done plus some matching shorts for the children plus the kids advent activities. It’s a full throttle run through the last two weeks of the season!

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