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three “splurge” purchases I can’t live without

three “splurge” purchases I can’t live without

Once upon a time, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and hashtags on instagram worked, I had a fun little personal tag – #lookAJmoretools – documenting the myriad toys, tools and goodies I’ve collected along the way. As each new inspiration strike hit and dragged me into a new hyper fixation, my collection of bits and bobs grew. It became a running joke, “what? MORE tools?”.

Of course, this method of “oh my gosh I need it NOW” tool collecting has bitten me on the backside more times than I care to mention. One of the worst examples was my tenure with a Minc foil machine – an experiment so much a failure I don’t think I ever even blogged it, and only ever shared a single instagram post. I later sold it for somewhere around a quarter of what I paid for it, having only used it twice.

Since that failure of an experiment, I’ve gotten very picky about my splurges and new additions to the collection. It was a lesson learned the hard and expensive way. Then came the move, and the culling that comes with packing and sorting and downsizing. It was a revelation, and another lesson in being more mindful in the rabbit holes I fall down. When I finally caved into my wish for a cricut in December 2020, it was the culmination of many months of overthinking and working out if I would actually get the use out of it – thankfully the past three years have justified that purchase and it’s one of my favourite crafty toys now!

The lesson clearly stuck though, with even smaller purchases requiring some pretty decent overthinking before I could commit – in fact, on of the items on my list hovers around the $20 mark. One might suggest that isn’t necessarily something that really needs that much consideration; my brain would disagree with that suggestion. 

Here’s my top three splurges that I overthought but now I can’t live without:

NURGE ADJUSTABLE SITTING STAND**: I was lucky enough to receive a hoop-on-a-stand from my great aunt when she was downsizing in 2022. Not having to hold the hoop was a game changer for my stitching speed and comfort. Later that same year, I happened to celebrate a birthday that ends with a zero, and knowing my family was going to give me a spinning wheel, when anyone else asked what I wanted, I politely requested cash so I could get the accessories to go with it – a niddy noddy, a swift, a ball winder. I had a little bit leftover, and decided to also order a hoop stand I could use with my regular hoops. Suffice to say, I love it. It frees up my hands for double handed stitching (nice and quick, and easy to get a good rhythm happening), it saves me from bending over and ending up with a sore neck and back, and generally makes my cross-stitching a more pleasant experience. In fact, the love for the stand is infectious, with Mr10 pinching the phone stand** I normally use to hold my phone with my pattern, and turning it upside down to create his own hoop holder!

CANON SELPHY PHOTO PRINTER** – After watching Car bring her printer to camp each year, I had a hankering for one of these little toys. I finally bit the bullet in late 2017, when I revisited a weekly Project Life habit as part of our homeschool record keeping. It mightn’t be the cheapest way of printing photos, but the convenience means I am more likely to print photos rather than leave them languishing on my phone or hard drive. The quality of the photos is on par wth gloss prints from Harvey Norman, especially once I worked out how to tweak the settings to my personal colour preferences. My only minor nitpicks are that the paper is only available in gloss, and that it doesn’t save the colour profile changes between uses.

4.5″ QUILTING RULER** – possibly the most ridiculous entry on my list, but one that I am so pleased I added to my collection. I’m normally pretty conservative when it comes to my need for specialty rulers, but during my quilts catch up sewing marathon, there was call to trim multiple units of multiple blocks down to size. While I could have used my 6.5″ x 12″ ruler and just shifted it to where I needed, the 4.5″ square ruler made it much quicker and more accurate to trim down the pieces to the required size.

Of course, I’m not always as sensible and responsible when it comes to new toys that may or may not be used enough to justify their cost. Exhibit A – the tab open to a loom on my phone. Exhibit B – the tab open to a watercolour making kit on my laptop. Progress over perfection, I guess?

What fun splurges are lurking in your craft room that you can’t live without?

**I am an Amazon affiliate, which means if you click this link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only ever affiliate link to products and places I genuinely use and love. Thank you for supporting my blog!

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      I love new tools for my craftroom! These days I would probably list my silhouette and foil quill as some of the best purchases, but the most enduring is probably the Stampin Up tab punch purchased about 15 years ago that still gets weekly use.

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        I’ve heard good things about the silhouette! I picked up a foil quill on clearance for my Cricut and am quite fond of it (even after the failure of the minc!).

        That punch sounds really cool, I could see how useful it would be!

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