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…tis the season…

…tis the season…

…for secret squirrel making! It is quite the paradox that this last month or so in the run up to Christmas is full of creative adventures, and yet, so many of them, I can’t share. My instagram is deader than a graveyard. Ironic, really, considering next weekend I’m teaching a class about taking photos for Instagram! Even my stories, where I normally share three or four times a day, are empty. Behind the scenes, I’ve finished no less than 7 projects this week, each and every one for someone who follows my insta, and my blog. Even my most recent big project – the party dress – I can’t share until next week.

Outside of secret squirrel stuff, I’ve been pottering along on my waffle blanket, currently making my way through round 5 of 12 of the border. I’ve cut a clutch to match my dress. I’m pottering along with Micro Nano, and my gratitude daily bible journaling. We’ve been powering through our final week of school, and I’m madly prepping our advent activity calendar. I do need to source this year’s Christmas fabric to get hooked into the children’s Christmas outfits (any suggestions?). Tomorrow’s job is to dig out the Christmas tree, ready for Sunday. I have lots of fun Advent plans ready to go (you might have heard some of them if you listened to last week’s podcast!), and I can’t wait to get kick the craftapalooza into high gear!

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