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It’s a pretty regular occurance around here, to pick up sticks come mid-year, and hit the road for a month in our camper trailer, in search of adventure, red dirt and warmth. This, of course, is a pretty decent excuse to get my craft on and make alllll the things, like quilts and bags and bags and bags (spoiler alert – there’s another set or two of bags on my to make list!).

As the resident Executive Director of Operations and Logistics, the task of campsite management and entertainment liaison falls to me. Once a week or so, we would sit down, and I would make a truckload of phone calls and make the next lot of bookings – we try not to book too far ahead, to give us a certain level of flexibility in our itinerary. Our first trip, I would use the notepad in my filofaux, and very quickly, I developed a set format in how I liked to record the information I needed. Town at the top with number of nights. Dates in and out. Name, address and phone numbr of the campground, and then under that, the cost I was quoted, any deposit paid, and if they belonged to a loyalty program. The bottom half of the page would be where I would make a note of things we wanted to see or tours I’d booked.

Not long after that, we started planning our next trip, and I stuffed a heap of paper in an empty A5 binder and started making notes. Finally, before this last trip, I managed to spent some quality time with my computer and get them all prettified:


There’s our itinerary at the front:



Our stop-over planner in section two:TBC-0771


Lesson plans in section three, using my homeschool papers printed at A5 size (full HS planner tour coming soon):TBC-0772


A page for bank recs so I could be a finance nerd even on holiday (I seriously am just that cool):


An expense tracking sheet so I knew exactly why we were so broke:TBC-0774


And three pocket money ledgers, for the kids so we could track what they were spending and getting, without having to physically carry that cash:TBC-0775


And finally, a section for packing lists, so I wouldn’t forget something… spoiler alert, I forgot stuff!TBC-0776


These are the exact pages I use every single trip, and man have they made my life easier…and prettier than a bog standard notebook! If you think it might work for you as well, I’ve listed it in the shop here.

Today has been a crazy day. Sleep-ins due to storms scaring little girls overnight. School, two lots of photos, and wrapping up this session before our school break next week. Another storm is coming through and I have an art journal idea and a crochet blanket calling my name. I’m thinking a cuppa and some crafting while the smalls read and play sounds like a pleasant way to pass the rest of the afternoon…

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