…vintage caravan renovation…

When we bought our farm, it had lots of gardens and sheds and the like, but no house. The closest thing we have to a liveable area, is an old caravan in a semi-enclosed shed. And by old caravan, I mean, can’t-tell-what-colour-it-was, small-dinette-and-one-bed kind of thing. Renovating it has been super high on the agenda, with the plan it will become a living area, with sleeping area being designated to a second caravan that we picked up cheaply on facebook (thankfully, it was already done up inside!).

So far, we have stripped it out, with just a few last bits to go, and worked on reconfiguring the shed to make more liveable space. We are almost ready to start building it out and making it what we want.

And of course, what kind of renovation would it be if I hadn’t been obsessing and pinning away! The dinette area we want to convert into a sitting area like this:

With the table at the end being something like this to give us extra options for flat space, should we need it for guests, or homeschool or crafting (the link on this pin has been hijacked so I will update this post when I find the actual source).

We will also retain the old dining table (or create one the same shape) and store elsewhere, should we need that space as a king-single bed for “house”guests.

Up the other end where the queen bed used to be, we will create an L-shaped bench seating area, with dining table, to give us the space we need to eat dinner together as a family of 6. It will be a similar type of set up to this (but with dining table instead of coffee table) seating area from a renovated Airstream:

The kitchen area I’m thinking along the lines of white + pale timber, like this gorgeous van renovated by Micheal & Carlene from The Block:

Then, of course, comes the hard decision of what to paint the exterior. My folks owned the same van when I was a kid, that we lived in while they built their house, so I am thinking I will pay homage to that link, and go with a green (though a more modern green, maybe a mint or teal, than the 1980s kind of teal, kind of emerald, kind of I don’t know what green), in this kind of shape, which mum & dads van had, and appears that our farm van did too, from the shadows I can see remaining.in this colour? Maybe?

And that’s the plan! While it’s not crafty as such, it’s absorbing a fair bit of my creative energy at the minute, so I thought it would be fun to share the journey with you!

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