VisDare 40 :: Oblivious

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The train slows as it nears the platform, then rocks to a stop, as the grind of wheels against the track gives way to the scuffle of feet finding the floor and bags being collected. Gripping the pole tightly, staring at the floor, she is oblivious to the crowds surging past her in waves, as the carriage empties, then fills. A bag knocks into her arm, but the student it belongs to notices it only slightly more than she does – earphones in, book in hand, he mumbles an apology without bothering to glance her way, as she ignores both the knock and the apology. Trapped in her memories, she barely notices the jerk as the train moves off again, gathering speed and then slowing once more. The familiar sign pulls her from her heartache, and she shuffles to her feet, eases off the train, and slowly makes her way back to her empty house.


Finally back on the flash fiction wagon with this little 155 word effort for this week’s Visual Dare.

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