wash. dry. fold. repeat.

It’s part of life as a mama to a tribe of rapidly growing small people, that the small fraction of the day I’m not in the kitchen feeding/preparing a meal/cleaning up post-meal, I am likely in the laundry. Seriously, how do three small people make SO MUCH DARN WASHING??? I still think fondly of the days when three loads was a weekly cycle, not a daily one. A load for darks, a load for lights and a load for linens/manchester. Done. When our life looked like that, as DINKs, both working professionals, we had plans drawn up to extend our house, in anticipation of the someday-family. We got the plans back, and loved that the laundry was tucked in a cupboard. Washing machine, drier above, a bit of space for brooms and the like. Brilliant, thought we, who wants to waste a whole room for washing? Great idea!

Then we had children. Three of ’em. And we used cloth nappies. When it came time to actually do the planned renovations, we dragged out the plans, and immediately threw them out the proverbial window. How had we thought that was a good idea? We may have overcompensated slightly on the new plans, but as a result, I have a delightfully large laundry with heaps of storage.

So this morning I was hanging the washing (again), and Butterfly was helping, as per usual. She normally is happy to pass to me, but today she kept reaching above her head. “Can’t weach it, mama”, and I got to thinking. We have a toy washing line. Slightly damaged, but I’d only bought some tie-wire just yesterday for a different project. I went on a hunt, and phoned the husband, but the washing line wasn’t to be found. What was found, however, was the frame from the tray on the childrens easel that had fallen apart and was destined for the tip. Add a craftwood oval, and badabingbadaboom. Dodgiest clothesline in history. Likely will fall apart after the first use, but for now, the small people are loving it!

For the rest of the day, my crafting will have to wait while I keep going on spring cleaning, it’s feeling so good to get all the “big” jobs done and have the house nice and sparkling. I’m brewing up a lost for next IKEA trip, and plotting some new crafty ideas. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s another load of washing needing to be hung…

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