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what is “packing light”?

what is “packing light”?

In the before times, we would road trip quite regularly. A month in a camper trailer with four kids meant I had my packing skills down to a fine art. Clothes wise, anyway. When it came my craft supplies though, I seemed to lack the same ruthlessness. If I packed too light and had to wear the same shorts two days in a row, would it really matter? No. If I got bored and ran out of craft projects though? Perish the thought.

In those same before times, when quilt camp was a thing, I similarly struggled, and each year would haul multiple projects to the coast, out of my car, to sit in my bedroom as decoration. An art installation, if you will, that could be titled “Optimism vs Reality”. Untouched, they would go back in the car to make the trek home, having thoroughly enjoyed their little holiday and change of scenery.

Packing for Sydney inspired a similar level of optimism/insanity. Normally, I wouldn’t pack quite this much (and definitely not the sewing machine!), but Advent is upon us and I was not going to let a little something like “being seven hours from home for a week” get in the way of my grand plans.

And I’m glad I did. For the most part I’m keeping up with my projects. I’m about to set up my sewing machine as soon as I hit publish and sew up my first three quilts blocks. I might even get a couple of patterns prepped for cutting before it’s time to head out the door for today’s adventures (IKEA, coffee with one friend, yarn shopping with another). In a busy week, it’s been good to keep myself grounded in my regular routine of creating – even if the husband did look at me like I was mad as I loaded the sewing machine into the car.

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