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Every now and then, I like to have a flick back through my old blog posts, and revisit the snippets of memories that have slipped from my fingers and found form in the words that fill my corner of the blogosphere. Sometimes I see a version of me who seems almost like another person, so different to me she appears. Sometimes I smile and recall a moment captured on the page, nothing extravagant, but wonderful to remember. Sometimes I find a project long forgotten, or a technique I started to explore and put aside. Whatever it is I feel as I revisist the ghosts of blog posts past, I love that I have this record of the time I’ve spent creating by myself and with my small people.

Over the weekend, Car hit me up – would I be doing Blogtoberfest again this year? Last year, I managed 33 posts in 31 days. Looking back over that month, it was a full, buys, creative month. And I was tempted. I wrote out a list of posts I do weekly, and worked out how many empty days I would have. I wrote a list of potential posts and projects. Sure, it seemed doable. Off I toddled and signed up. Then I had an unsettled baby. Dinner to cook with him in my arms as Butterfly tried to talk to me and the boys were in the toyroom playing somewhat happily, though with the occassional squabble over who would play with which car, and I knew I was in trouble before the month had even begun. How silly I’d been to think I could do it. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to parent, housekeep, create and blog. I said at the end of last October that I was looking forward to getting back to being a crafter who blogs, not a blogger who crafts, and that’s what I need to bear in mind this year. First and foremost, I am a mum of four tiny people. Crafting comes second to that, and blogging behind that. So I’m going to give it a go. I’ll have Project Life to blog on Mondays. Hopefully some progress on various projects to make something worth sharing for WIP Wednesday. It’d be nice to have a finish to end up the week on Fridays. Sundays is my regular ‘this week” instagram and filofax roundup. Anything else is a bonus. If I can do four posts a week for the month, I’ll consider it a success. I don’t want to post random stuff for the sake of having a daily post. I don’t want to be stressing about posting times and twitter and facebook and who the heck is reading anyway. Low key. Low pressure. Taking on the spirit of the challenge, if not the full requirements. Keeping. It. Fun. Which is what it should be about, really, isn’t it? Blogotoberfest 2013, LittleWhiteDove style.

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