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This week has been a quiet one – two very sick little boys wanting their mama around has left me with very limited crafting time – or time for anything really. I have almost finished a cowl. I have started making notes for a potential market stall. I’ve started a design commission, and a lettering commission and almost finished my Christmas designs. I started drafting a flash fiction piece for Friday’s post. Which feels like a lot, but it’s a kind of unsatisfying “lot”, with no real finishes to make me feel productive. On the positive side, I did spend a day sharing a bit of behind the scenes of my life as a creative entrepreneur for One Woman Shop, and have been hosting a sewalong for Ladybugs & Daisychains on Facebook. But, then, really, who needs productivity when there’s baby snuggles to be had?

From my weary middle-of-the-night internet travels:

This fabulous Project Life catch-up post. This week I will prioritise Project Life. Pinky Promise.

I’m hoping I have enough rubber* on hand to make a stamp like this one – I’m a sucker for shipping tags!

Super cute calendar downloads. I make a little CD case calendar for the grandparents every year, so these will be very useful!

Car’s fab mini art kit for travelling is something I need to organise for myself before our next trip.

And from me, this camp quilt is in my sights, I’m sleeping under it on the lounge anyway, may as well multitask! I will get a finish this coming week, I swear.


Don’t forget Sundays are also the really low-key casual #barefootSunday on Instagram, where we share a quick snap of something fun we are doing. Where are your bare feet taking you today?

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