Where I Stand {this week}


this week I am:

Sick of my family being sick. The latest bug doing the rounds has knocked my little people sideways – Boy2 and I are the only ones (so far) to not get it. 

Loving Lino printing. Print and carve alllll the things. 

Eating birthday cake in an attempt to get rid of it all before the next birthday hits 

Running a sew along on Facebook and like all good hosts failing to actually sew the thing myself 

Thankful that spring is here. Hello sunshine

Loving from around the Internet:

Car’s fun planner make over 

This cute DIY stationery set

Five reasons you are more creative than you think 

“Open when…” letter ideas

The Hear Motherhood podcast is just what this creative mama needs

Nothing like a good prompt to get the creative ideas flowing

And from me, some ramblings on meshing minimalism & craft-supplies-hoarding tendencies 
And don’t forget Sunday’s we celebrate our day of rest and a chilled crafternoon on Instagram with #barefootsunday – where are your bare feet taking you today?

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