Where I Stand {this week}

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Do you ever have that moment when you find a parcel in the mail and your first reaction is "oh no what on earth have I ordered now and how am I going to explain this to the mister"?? No? Just me? Thankfully today wasn't a product of a lapsed memory but a delightful surprise that my superior sleuthing skills (read: checking the postmark) have led me to deduce is via the beautiful @islandkylie - thank you my friend  xx


This week I am:

Reading: Tina Fey’s BossyPants, Make Good Art

Listening to: this mashup on repeat

Making: bags. So. Many. Bags.

Eating: Cadbury’s Salted Caramel Chocolate. No I haven’t tried the vegemite one. Nor do I plan to, because I don’t hate myself that much

Planning: a roadtrip and more projects than is humanly possible to fit into the next five weeks

Enjoying around the internet:

A great roundup of fun hashtags on Instagram for creatives

The Random Love Letter project

discovering Unstuck app via Ann-Marie Loves

This great beginners guide to acrylic stamping (I am a total convert to clear mount. I used to be a block mount girl, all the way, but these days it’s clear or nuthin’. Ok, not nothing. But clear mount is my most definite favourite)

Cute little flowers that will be perfect for a little tiara I need to make Madam Butterfly


It’s been a funny old week, from crazy busy to quiet & cruisy. How about for you?

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