WIP Wednesday :: a muddle of projects

WIP Wednesday

Sometimes I think I over-estimate how much time I really have on preschool days. Today, for example, on top of housewifing and baby playing, my list includes finishing my project for tomorrow’s blog post (apaprently I work well to deadlines?), a project for Saturday’s And Sew We Craft post, Project Life catchup, costume making for Boy2’s dress-up day tomorrow (did I mention I do deadlines well?), sorting my beads to fit in a new delivery, working on some mini collage needle minders for a friend, renewing some Etsy listings (which thankfully was a quick exercise over a coffee break), and if I can swing it, maybe some sewing. Ha. HAHAHAHA. Oh Miss Dove, you are quite the comedian. If I get my blog project and the costume done, I’ll consider the day a success. Both are half done. It shouldn’t take too long to finish, hopefully. First though, I have a small Beetle to snuggle and play and attempt to teach him to say something other than “dad”, because our conversations at the minute are some frustrating variant on “say mumumumumumum” “dad”.  Have a most fabulous Wednesday – what are you working on this week?

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