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When we came home from camp, Kylie issued a challenge – to work on our camp projects for 15 minutes a day. That fifteen minutes has seen my ripple blanket grow slowly, and as I sat down to do some more yesterday with the children while they were unwell, I came to the very exciting realisation, that I’m at the half way point. I’m now more determined than ever to get this sucker finished and onto my lounge this winter.


I counted and worked out this is 80 rows, at 280 stitches per row. Approximately 45 minutes per row gives my a rough working time to date of 60-odd hours, and the same to go. Yikes.

Have you been creating something this week? Link up with your WIP posts in whatever creative form you like, from 9am AEST to 12 midnight AWST. Help spread some encouragement by popping around one or two others and leaving a comment. Easy as that!

Little White Dove
<div align="center"><a href="http://thedovenest.wordpress.com/tag/WIP-Wednesday/" title="Little White Dove"><img src="http://thedovenest.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/wip-wednesday-button.jpg" alt="Little White Dove" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

13 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday {+linky}

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      It looks fab! Yay on reaching the halfway point. If it makes you feel any better it would take me about triple what you have estimated to finish it. I am SO slow when I crochet. But am slowly getting faster.

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        practice practice practice! I find I’m getting faster these days, but yeah, still 30-45 minutes a row. Just keep hooking, just keep hooking, just keep hooking hooking hooking…

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      It’s looking wonderful! It’s so good to be on the finishing end of a crochet blankie. 🙂

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      You CAN finish this! Says she who is currently still hooking her second & trying to stave off fellow enablers who want her to start a 3rd… :O

      I’ve linked up but had a few issues, not sure if your blog doesn’t like talking to mine but it wouldn’t share an image *sigh* Oh and not sure if this matters but your linky is appearing as a blue ? in a box. I’m on the computer. When you click that blue box it takes you to linky, but it doesn’t “say” it’s a linky – IYKWIM?

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        Hmmm, that’s weird? Did you click “select” under one of the images? The linky link is showing the right image for me, I wonder if inlinkz are having an issue? I will keep an eye on it, thanks for the heads up!

        (and you know you want to join me in a rainbow granny ripple!)

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          It could well be an issue with blogger – having a few picture posting problems on ze uzzer blog today.
          When I put in the link to my post it said couldn’t find images, so I had to go image source and upload one that way 😉
          (Oh and THEN it yelled at me because my file was too big “we are trying to make a thumbnail here people” no… ****… sherlock!) Anwho its done now & I can also see the linkiz thing on your blog post. #WEIRD


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      Wow, that looks gorgeous! I love the movement in the design and your colors are great. Sharing in the link up:) Found you at Left Handed Notions.

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      sadly my WIPs are in the same state they were last week….

      Thak pink is really something Rachy, looking fantastic

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