WIP Wednesday :: OUAT Sampler update

OUAT Sampler update

It became a familiar pattern, while we were away. I’d rock Beetle to sleep, tuck him up in his portacot, and then I’d settle myself down for some stitching as the big children and daddy wandered off in search of adventure. I had packed my ripple as well, but on the first night, discovered an error that meant I had to frog two rows and add an extra of the previous colour… the only one I didn’t take. Of course. Which meant my entire crafty time was dedicated to catching up on cross-stitch. I’d boil the kettle and make myself a cup of tea, flick on a pre-downloaded podcast, and then spend an hour or two getting lost in the rhythmic in-out-back-forth of the stitches forming. I finished up March, and then realised I only had the pattern printed for the first three months. A quick check of Evernote and I had the same problem, only three months. So instead of starting April to keep somewhat up-to-date, I went back and got stuck into January. The May pattern is due out tomorrow, so I’ll finish off January this weekend, and get stuck into May and come back to fill in the gaps as I get a chance. At least that way, I can at least pretend I’m keeping up to date, right?

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