…project life 2017…

In between everything else, my poor old Project Life album is looking very neglected. And by neglected I mean I’m still working on 2015 🙈 and completely skipped 2016…

But I still love the concept and the process, so I have picked it back up for the latter half of 2017, as our main record for homeschool. Every weekend I print photos using my Canon Selphy, and get the previous week’s story into the album (complete with NSW syllabus outcome references – snooooooze worthy, I know).TBC-0657

Despite myprevious attempts at core kit PLing, and my vow to not touch another one, as I was going batty with the repetition…I ended up picking up a core kit for this album. I’m consistent like that. Thanks to the Project Life app, I’d fallen in love with the Midnight edition, which seems to be on the way out, so I ended up ordering from Amazon in the US (shhhhh…don’t tell Mr Barefoot), and I’m finding for THIS album, it works fine.


I’m also experimenting with a “DIY embellishment kit”, to try and cut down the amount of time it takes me to prettify things. I hope to change up the “kit” each block to keep it fresh but still consistent.

Next on my list is to spend some time getting caught up on last block’s documenting, and then having a card making marathon to give me a bulk lot of DIY cards for my 2015 album to get it done as well! 2016 I think I will write off as a lost cause and just create a simple photo book to record those photos. Hopefully with enforced documentation required in 2018 to keep NESA happy, I will be able to keep up to date for a full year… imagine that!!


Today, we are on the first day of school break! There’s lots of reading and crochet on my agenda. The smalls are eyeing off the Lego bags so I dare say I’ll get suckered into getting those out at some point and hoping to not lose my sanity in the process. I have a wee bit of design work I need to knock out, and a book-keeping job I want to cross off my list. Coffee on board, fave tunes on high rotation, Monday to-do-list kicking boots on, and ready to make some magic.

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