…watercolour learning cards…

…watercolour learning cards…

With the return of the rain, comes the return of clouds and creeks and springs and waterfalls and dams. The return of water is endlessly fascinating to all of us, but most especially to Master 6, who is full of questions about how clouds are made and where does the rain come from and where do the dams go when they are empty.

With such a fabulous earth science learning opportunity right on our doorstep, I headed off to all my usual options for gorgeous homeschool printables, but couldn’t find anything much in the way of water cycle cards. I had a fair idea of what I wanted, and so out came the watercolours and micron pens, and I did what any self respecting crafter would do when thwarted on Etsy. I would get my DIY on.

The cards have been out on our school bench, in front of the Grimm’s rainbow (where else?), ever since the first lesson on the water cycle. They live in front of the rainbow, and every couple of days I’ll find them having been rearranged with a new starting point in the cycle, but still in the right order.

While they aren’t the detailed, beautiful works we usually download for our homeschool resources, it was a fun challenge, and so lovely seeing my dinky little cards being so loved in our school room.

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