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Butterfly Starts School :: paint smock

Butterfly Starts School :: paint smock


Even after 2 big boys grown and off to school, I still am constantly amazed at how darn quickly my tiny babes become big babes and I blink and my wee small girl is suddenly swathed in plaid, hauling a backpack almost as big as her, and wearing a grin so large it could be seen from space. Part of the adventure is I love being able to send them with homemade gear, to wrap them in love-by-fabric when they are too far for me to wrap in a big hug and shower them with kisses. Invariably, this involves some late night sewing to get it all done.

“Why don’t you just buy one from BigW for $5?” he asks

“Because she wanted Frozen,” I say. What I really mean, however, is “my heart is breaking and it is a good distraction from the fact my little mate won’t be here to talk to me all day tomorrow”.


It’s these kind of projects that make me so so grateful for teenage sewing lessons. To be able to sit down with some butchers paper, draft up a pattern and get a cute smock knocked out in an hour. While my previous smocks have been bound and tied at the collar, this one needed to be able to be put on and off on her own, so went with a simple elastic-neckline-and-wrists, peasant-style top, with Frozen fabric left over from her “Ergo”, and contrast sleeves, as I ended up running out of fabric due to the extra width in the bodice. I also used that fabric as a hem facing so I can easily add length to the smock with a contrasting band at the hem. An easy project, with a happy girl. Overcrafting might just be my love language…


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