getting organised.

Last year, preschool mornings were always crazy. Hit-the-ground-running-and-don’t-forget-the-coffee crazy. Especially when one of the mornings saw me out the door at 8.50 for preschool drop-off, then straight round to coffee with my sister, before finally collapsing on the couch at my friend’s house for Bible Study. Four or so hours later, I would walk in the door, the morning done with, and the housework calling.

So this year, with one at big school, one at preschool, and one doing her best impersonation of a koala, I decided to ditch the nagging. No more reminding, no more “what’s next, boys?”. A quick trip to BigW, and I was laden with foam core and cardboard. I then printed some digital paper I’d bought from Sassy Designs in their new year sale, and drew some little pictures of the boys jobs. A couple of covered envelopes, some glue, and the chore chart appeared. A certain koala girl managed to spill water over most of the existing cards, so I’ve just made a new set, and laminated them this time!

Each boy has his own envelope, and his jobs get stacked in there. The new rule? No playing until they are all out. And, surprisingly enough, it works wonders, even with threee-year-old Bubba Boy. If they get a bit sidetracked, I simply have to remind them to check the chore chart, and they are off and racing!

Something quite simple, and has made a huge difference to our stress levels of a morning. The right hand side of the chart under the envelopes, also has a space for a tag for the day – so to help work out which uniform Bear needs, or if Bubba Boy needs play clothes or preschool clothes.

Today, it’s just Butterfly and I against the world. And what productive team we’ve been. Photos delivered, new chore cards laminated, new phones collected. She sleeps now, as I rush through some housework, and try and get some work done. Though I can hear her stirring, so the housework may wait, as I snuggle and play and read and toilet-train. Week two, and I am over it. C’mon baby girl, let’s get this sorted. 3pm will roll around too quickly, and the house will once more be flooded with the joyful, riotous sounds of two small boys, anxious to cram a days worth of play with their baby sister into a couple of too-short hours. Just another regular old Monday. Perfect to kick some butt and show this week who is boss as we find our new normal. Let’s do this!

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