Holidays, at last

The last day of school is upon us. No more lunch boxes. No more uniforms. No more prodding and cajoling and pushing to get out the door. Two whole weeks of our big boy back with us. As a special treat, I let him have a lunch order for today, much to his delight. But of course, then came the tears. “I want a wunch order, mother. Pwease? I has a wunch order too, I wite it, see?”

It’s shopping day, so as I made my list, I perched Buster Boy up on the island with a lunch bag and texta, and he “wrote” his lunch order. A peanut butter sandwich, a squeezy yoghurt and a pink milk. The necessary supplies procured at Coles, and I bundled it all in the bag for him.

One lunch order, and more tears avoided.

And Miss Evil herself pinned a very cool idea this morning. Cheesecake Easter eggs. So. Um. Yeah. Some stuff fell in the trolley.

Our afternoon is planned – easter egg cheesecakes, maybe some easter bikkies. I’m plodding through a little project I hope to get finished and blog later tonight, or tomorrow some time. Buster was sent to his room with some quiet toys for a rest, and has instead tucked himself into bed and is catching a quick nap. Butterfly is just waking from her nap and chatting happily in her cot, though when I went to her, she wanted to stay, so fingers crossed she might go back to sleep. 1.5 hours until the final school pickup. 3.5 hours until we declare it holiday time all round. Easter is here already. I’ve intercessions to prepare, house to clean, photos to edit. And maybe sneak a coffee and some blog reading as I wonder where on earth the last three months have gone. Hello long weekend, hello resurrection and salvation. What a gift. Thanks be to God. Happy Easter everyone. Safe travels if you are on the road, and I’ll catch you on the flip side!

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